ACSINDO Packaging Solutions
ACSINDO Packaging Solutions

1. Plastic Bags Plastic Bags, Three Side Sealed Bags, Stand Up Zipper Bags, Side Gusset Bags, Aluminum Foil Bags, Pouches

2. Glass Packaging Glass Bottles, Perfume Bottles, Drift Bottles, Special Customized Glass Bottles and More...

3. Tin Can Packaging Aluminum Series, Food Tin Series, Gift Tin Series, Ice Bucket Series, Electronic Packing Series

4. Cosmetic PackagingPump Bottles, Boxes, Tubes, or Tubs in Acrylic, Plastic, Tin Can or Glass Material in All Kinds of Designs and Customizations

5. Lids & Covers Aluminum Foil Cover For PS, PP Cup;

PP, PE, PS, PVS Sealing Films for All Types of Cups

6. Label, Sticker & TagLabels, Stickers, and Tags, Paper/Plastic, Shrink/non-Shrink, Anti-Sweat, Chiller Room Friendly, Design Customization

7. Straws,Cups,CutleryDisposable Straws, Cups, Plates, Knife, Spoon, Forks, Double Layer / Single Layer, Heat Resistant Cups, 1 Oz to 32 Oz, Customizable Design and Size

8. Promotion GiftsStationery, Bags, Notebooks, USB, Cups, Umbrella, Clocks, Travel Items, Sports Items, Office Items, all in Customizable Design and Size, Perfect for all your promotion needs

ACSINDO Packaging Solutions

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Packaging industry sees double digit growthThe country’s packaging industry expects revenue to grow at a double digit rate this year on the back of stronger demand from end-user industry, which is expanding along with the country’s economic growth, a business association says.

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